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Kybella is the the first and only FDA approved injectable for the treatment of double chins. 

Are you looking to get rid of a double chin? Maybe you just want to contour your jawline? Or maybe you're just at that awkward stage where you're not overweight but have a double chin while texting? If so.. we want you to come be a Kybella model for us! Kybella is an injectable treatment that gets rid of under the chin fat the "double chin" it also can help define and contour the jawline.  What is a Kybella model? We're obsessed with this treatment and the results we are seeing, and we are looking for Kybella models to help us share how amazingthis treatment is!

All Kybella models will save 40% OFF their Kybella treatment 

Kybella Model Requirements:

- Kybelal models can purchase Kybella at 40% OFF

- Must be at least 18 years old

- Before & After photos.  Before & After pictures will be taken right before each treatment, as well as 8 weeks after each treatment. We are seeing amazing results with this product and we want to share YOUR amazing results!  Kybella model Before & After Photos will be shared on social media & posted on our website. Photos can be cropped below the eye if requested for more anonymity. 


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