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How To Shrink Your Pores

Posted by Sara Barrett on Dec 11, 2014 3:10:00 PM

pores on faceMinimize The Look Of Pores

While pore size is not always the biggest area of concern when it comes to skin care, we have seen an increase in patients who want to “make my pores look smaller.” 

What makes pores look bigger?

Genetics determine pore size, as do skin type and age. If your skin is oily, and that oil gets trapped inside the pores, it oxidizes and turns dark. Overtime, especially if you’ve had a lot of sun exposure in the past – you start to lose the collagen and elastin that support the pores. They begin to stretch and sag around the edges, which can make them look bigger.

While you can’t shrink our pores with any permanency, the right skin-care products and treatments can help keep the skin clear and tight – making them less noticeable. 

Ways to make pores look smaller

Before cleansing the skin, make sure to exfoliate.  Exfoliation is key to a clear and vibrant complexion. 

If you have tried over-the-counter products and still aren’t seeing any results – it may be time for a visit to your aesthetician. When a patient’s pores are very clogged with blackheads and whiteheads – they can make the pores a lot more apparent.


Prescription retinoid creams exfoliate pores and flush them of oil and build-up, which makes pores appear smaller. Retinol is FDA approved to protect against signs of photoaging, which contributes to the dilation of pores over time – it’s like killing two birds with one stone.


A round of treatments is often the answer for those whose pores are so severely clogged that even prescriptions don’t help. For some, lasers and peels are most effective at minimizing pores.

IPL (Intense pulse light therapy) can make pores look smaller. The lights reach deep into the skin and stimulates collagen production.  With IPL they are able to penetrate deep enough into the layers of the skin without harming the surface layers. IPL takes about 30 minutes and there is little to no downtime involved.

Chemical Peels. Another great way to minimize pores is with peels. Peels are one the best ways to exfoliate the skin, and you’ll see your pores shrink right away in addition to many other benefits. Depending on the type of peel your aesthetician recommends – peels can help with acne, complexion and texture issues as well as overall anti-aging affects.

Can you get rid of pores completely?

Pores are a vital part of the skin, and getting rid of them completely is impossible.  However, with the right skin care routine, you can minimize the appearance of pores dramatically.

In need of a new skin care routine? Come visit us for a complimentary Visia Skin Analysis. Our aestheticians can meet with you to develop a customized skin care plan that’s right for you and your wallet!

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