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Are you over exfoliating?

Posted by Sara Barrett on Dec 22, 2014 12:05:00 PM

exfoliationStop that! Are you over exfoliating?

File this one under the way-too-much-of-a-good-thing category. Many women inadvertently give themselves problem skin by exfoliating too hard and too often.

Why does over-exfoliating matter?

You risk your skin and stripping off the top layer. That’s not all: When you rob your skin of needed moisture, it responds as if it were an injury and produces more oil, which often results in acne. 

Over-exfoliating can also break blood vessels, causing redness.  To avoid self-sabotage, use a face scrub or sponge only once or twice a week, or not at all, if you’re using retinoid or glycolic acids. And when you dry your face, remember to blot gently to avoid further damaging your skin.

Treatments that exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin:

Microdermabrasions use a small hand-piece to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin and improve its tone, texture and clarity. Microdermabrasions are safe for all skin types and there is no downtime involved.

Chemical Peels give a topical exfoliation. The chemical peel is designed to remove the top layer of the skin, revealing the fresh, young skin underneath. There are many options when it comes to chemical peels, each developed to treat specific skin conditions.

Microneedling also provides similar benefits to mechanical exfoliation. Microneedling, or collagen induction therapy, is quickly gaining popularity as the go-to treatment for skin rejuvenation. The difference between this treatment and the other methods is that there is no removal of the outer layers of skin. The premise of microneedling is to create a controlled wound response in the skin to stimulate growth factors without abrading the epidermis.

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