September Staff Favorite

Repair + Glow Package

Our staff pick for September is what we are going to call our repair + glow package, because it does just that! It repairs damaged skin while leaving it instantly more radiant. The package includes a series of M22 ResurFx laser treatments paired with Microneedling. And fall is the perfect time to start for flawless skin by the Holidays!

Staff Favorite - Shannon, our lovely assistant manager, says these are her current go to treatments, and with the combination of both she has been blow away with the results! "Lately I feel like everyone has been asking me what I'm doing with my skin, and I notice a huge difference myself, especially in my fine lines and texture."

Why these two together? The M22 ResurFX laser stimulates collagen deep within the skin while the Microneedling stimulates collagen externally. The M22 can also help with redness, texture and pigmentation. 

The package includes 3 ResurFx treatment with 3 Microneedling treatments, alternated each appointment! 

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