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Saddlebags Gone with Vaser liposuction Boise


Saddlebags disappear with Vaser  liposuction in Boise.

Saddlebag fat is sticky business!  Fat can stick like spit wads on a bathroom ceiling! We sometimes feel like the custodian who comes in to clean matter how much we exercise and diet, we just can't peel that sticky fat off our thighs. 

  Now VASER liposuction can sculpt away saddlebag fat in just an hour or two with incredible results. 

Take a look at the photo below.  Here is a perfect example of a client who was very fit but sticky fat stuck to her thighs and after liposuction using VASER, you would never have guessed that she had a trouble area at all!  Dr. Brian Kerr of Silk Touch Med Spa, Laser & Lipo of Boise uses a combination of VASER, PAL (power assisted liposuction), and Smart Lipo (Smartlipo) laser-assisted liposuction to sculpt away unwanted fat on most areas of the body.
vaser liposuction boise for saddlebags, Silk Touch Med Spa, Dr. Brian Kerr

Vaser/Smartlipo liposuction before and after photo

Here is a recent commentary on Saddle bags in NewBeauty:

Say Sayonara to Saddlebags---Posted Thursday, July 21, 2011 by NewBeauty Staff

It’s no secret that fat is hard to banish—and one of the most obstinate offenders is the area between the hips and thighs. Commonly referred to as saddlebags, these pockets of fat create hard-to-budge bulges that can generate an unsightly silhouette. “In both men and women, excess fat can end up just about anywhere; however, women tend to store it in the abdominal area, the hips or thighs,” says Concord CA, plastic surgeon Eric Mariotti, MD.

When diet and exercise seem like a long shot for getting rid of unwanted weight in the thighs and hips, liposuction may be the next best solution. During the procedure, your surgeon will make a small incision before inserting a surgical tool known as a cannula to vacuum out fat beneath the skin. “The best liposuction candidates are those at, or near, their goal weight yet still have problem areas they wish to address, says Richmond, VA, plastic surgeon Ruth L. Hillelson, MD. Dr. Mariotti adds that, while liposuction remains the best surgical solution, variations of the standard procedure, such as ultrasonic-assisted liposuction (VASER), may in some instances, be more suitable for patients with fatty areas or “pockets” that are in need of contouring.

read-more before-and-after-smartlipo-vaser-liposuction-sil



Back Fat Be Gone!  Smartlipo & Vaser liposuction to the rescue!

Are you tired of bra fat that shows through your shirt or sweaters? 

Today’s liposuction is quick and easy.  Smaller procedures are extremely safe with few  complications or downtime.  Dr. Kerr can improve the way you look both in and out of your clothes , and dramatically reduce the unsightly “bra bulges” – the rolls of fat that squeeze out from under the bra like toothpaste every time you put a bra on.

The Back bra roll consists of the area just under your shoulder blade and down toward your hip area.  It can also be above the shoulder blade and extend into your armpit.



bra fat before photo smartlipo, vaser, Brian Kerr MD, Silk Touch Med Spa, Boise

 After photo Bra fat. al.2008 Smartlipo Vaser Laser Liposuction,Brian Kerr, Silk Touch Med Spa, Boise resized 600

Before and After Photos of Bra Fat removal


Dr. Kerr uses awake anesthesia that helps to keep the patient comfortable and ensures minimal bruising while he removes fat from the bra area.   The procedure generally takes an hour or two with clients walking out of Silk Touch Med Spa of Boise in just a few short minutes after the procedure. 

Results usually take just a couple of weeks, but Swelling & recovery is an individual experience, with most clients reaching desired results within a month with improvement up to one year.   A smoother, flatter bra line can create a more shapely feminine figure.  

 Want to know more?  

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Breast Augmentation without Surgery?


breast augmentation, plastic surgery, silk touch med spa, boise

Q: Is there anything I can do to get fuller breasts
besides having plastic surgery?

A: Many of the clients that visit with me would like the “breast fairy” to sprinkle a little magic their way….but are afraid to get breast implants because they do not want to undergo breast surgery (breast augmentation or they don’t like the fake look.

There is an alternative out there that may solve your dilemma. Fat Transfer is a great way to give the breasts a lift.
A study by Louisiana State University found that out of 40 patients who had their own fat transferred from areas like their abdomen and thighs, there was a high satisfaction rate. The patients showed improvement in the shape and size of their breasts which remained natural looking and soft. They had fullness and cleavage. This study concluded that fat transfer is a low-complication alternative to a breast lift with implants. I have found that within my practice clients enjoy fuller, softer breasts and the fat can create the illusion of a breast lift without actual breast lift surgery. Instead, we use laser liposuction, often called VASER to remove the fat and then transfer it to the breasts. Fat Transfer can last for many years. For very low breasts or sagging breasts…surgery is still needed.




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