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Transformation Tuesday: Smartlipo Knees

Posted by Sara Barrett on Mar 11, 2014 12:55:00 PM

Transformation Tuesday:  Smartlipo Knees

Patient Background:

This woman came to us with extra fat around her knees that had bothered her for as long as she could remember – spending summers constantly hiding her knees. And unfortunately, no matter how many lunges one does, fat and saggy skin around the knees can be persistent. 


Dr. Kerr used Smartlipo to sculpt the knees,. After removing the fat using Smartlipo (Smart Lipo) laser liposuction, her knees look like those of a younger woman. Smartlipo uses a laser to melt the fat and the fat is suctioned out.  This procedure took about an hour to perform. Dr. Kerr used awake anesthesia and the patient was able to get up from the procedure and walk out of the office with no problem. Recovery time was minimal and she was thrilled with the results. 



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