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Win your battle with 'back boobs' with Bra Fat Removal

Posted by Susan Kerr on Aug 12, 2013 11:35:00 AM

There you are standing in your closet getting ready to liberate your winter clothes from their seasonal resting place - scarves, sweaters, and skinny jeans… oh my! You look forward to donning your form-fitting little black dress that is always a hit at holiday parties. Jubilantly, you discard you’re summer tank-top in a pile on the floor in favor of your hot momma eye-catching dress. You turn to admire yourself in the mirror, but instead of the gleeful greeting of a silhouette, you gasp, “back boobs!”

Where smooth lines once were, you find layers of fat protruding from under your bra line. The back bra-roll consists of the area just under your shoulder blade and down toward your hip area. It can also be above the shoulder blade and extend into your armpit – and yours are extending in full force! You can’t face the holiday party season like this! What to do?

Dr. Brian Kerr can improve the way you look both in and out of your favorite winter frocks and dramatically reduce the unsightly “bra bulges.”

The latest laser liposuction techniques such as Smartlipo or Ultrasound technology like VASER liposuction can remove your bra bulge fat in a matter of minutes, zapping your winter ‘back boob-blues,’ leaving you feeling and looking fabulous!

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Dr. Kerr uses awake anesthesia that helps to keep the patient comfortable and ensures minimal bruising while he removes fat from the bra area. The procedure generally takes an hour or two, with clients walking out of Silk Touch Med Spa of Boise in just a few short minutes after the procedure. 

Results usually take just a couple of weeks, but swelling and recovery varies by individual, with most clients reaching desired results within a month with improvement up to one year. A smoother, flatter bra line can create a shapelier, feminine figure, ensuring your little black dress is what leaves people talking, not your bra bulge.  

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