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How To Get Rid of a Double Chin

Posted by Brian Kerr on Aug 24, 2015 3:08:40 PM


Question: I have a “double-chin” no matter how much I workout. What’s a safe way to get rid of this? 

There are minimally-invasive options such as Laser Assisted Liposuction “Smartlipo”.  This type of liposuction involves fewer complications and scars, and it avoids the dangers of general anesthesia. A miniscule cannula is inserted through a small incision in the skin. The laser’s high energy liquefies the fat cells, which are suctioned out of the area.  

The power of the laser also stimulates the skin and promotes new collagen growth for firmer skin. SmartLipo results in minimal recovery time and less pain and bruising, allowing you to put a fresh face forward with your amazing results!

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See more before and after pictures.

Skin Tightening

 If your problem is more skin elasticity (loose skin on the neck) than it is fat, In addition to Smartlipo, Venus Freeze treatments help tighten the skin and tone the neck. Venus Freeze is a non-invasive painless skin tightening treatment.


It’s still important to eat healthy and take care of the neck even after liposuction. Here is a quick workout you can do to help sculpt the neck even more.

This question was featured in our bi-weekly segment in the Idaho Statesman "Healthy Advice". Look for it every other Thursday in the lifestyle section.

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Is it okay to lose weight fast?

Posted by Brian Kerr on Feb 12, 2013 2:40:00 PM

weight loss, diet, silk touch med spa, boise, brian kerr, mdI see a lot of clients in my office who are desperate to lose weight or inches quickly. Often the question is, "Can you fix me now? I am desperate!"

They come in desperation for various reasons: some want to look good for a High School reunion, a wedding or a planned cruise or big event. Some clients have more serious reasons: they are at risk of losing their job.

I do a couple cases of liposuction a week (Smart LipoVaser) and it really can be amazing to see the transformation, but liposuction isn't for everyone and I wanted to talk about another very effective method that we have used in our office to help clients achieve their weight loss goals.

For the past couple years I have been recommending the Take Shape For Life program. I am confident that patients who adhere to the program will lose weight quickly and safely. At Silk Touch Med Spa we use the program as follows:

1. Pre-liposuction to get a patient to the desired weight (generally a BMI of 30 or less)
2. Post- liposuction to keep the weight off.
3. As an alternative to liposuction.

The successes of our clients has been simply amazing. More importantly, patients have been able to make a "lifestyle change" to keep their weight off. They learn to eat more frequently and to eat smaller portions.

The program consists of 5 meals a day with one additional "lean & green" meal that can be eaten at any time during the day. The replacement meals are high in protein which helps to keep the client from getting hungry. Generally, hunger is felt in the first 1-3 days....but most of our clients find that after that three day window....they've adjusted to the smaller meals and feel quite satisfied!

Most of our clients drop 2-5 lbs. a week very easily.

After the client loses their desired weight they go on a maintenance program where they begin adding regular food. Many of them continue to use the high- protein Medifast bars or meals long after their initial weight loss because they are easy to prepare or carry with them and very satisfying. It's nice to be able to substitute a bar or meal when the scale starts to creep up a bit.

If a client is interested in the Take Shape For Life (TSFL) program, they are asked to fill out a medical history. If they meet the criteria for the program, we offer them free coaching and medical supervision throughout the program. We also offer FREE consultations for those who would like to know whether TSFL is right for them. Request a FREE consulation here.

We've had so many success stories, I thought I'd share some of their testimonials:

“I’ve done them all (diet & weight loss programs)…..Take Shape For Life was easy for me with fast results. When my doctor told me my cholesterol was 287 and wanted me on medication, I knew I had to lose weight and get my health back. Three months, and 42 lbs. lighter, my cholesterol is now 180 and no meds!
I had forgotten what fun you can have in a dressing room! I feel great!”
-Karen W. 03-11-2011

“Medifast really works! I lost 30 pounds and 17 and a half inches in just under 3 months! Donna Berg was very supportive and there for me when I really needed her. I highly recommend the program for anyone who wants to seeLinkweight loss results in a few months and wants to learn to eat healthy again.” – Jan, Boise 1-31-11

“I started Take Shape For Life in March of 2010 and Lost 30 pounds in three months and have kept it off for almost a year. The program was super easy and the support from Susie and the staff at Silk Touch Med Spa was amazing. The program made eating simple and stress free. I was most impressed with this weight loss method over others because it seemed to make sense as a lifestyle change and not just a quick diet fix. I have to say the best part is how much better I feel overall- my knees are especially thankful!” — Dorothy Hope 1-10-11

For more information on the Take Shape For Life Program click here.

--Dr. Brian Kerr

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