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Exciting Filler Updates in 2021

Posted by Silk Touch Medical Aesthetics on Feb 4, 2021 12:22:32 PM

Filler continues to be not only a popular treatment at Silk Touch, but one of the most popular treatments worldwide. With the increase in demand of this treatment, improvements are being made every year to make filler longer lasting, and approved for use in more areas. New improvements in filler include:

Woman getting a face lift with Botox - isolated over a white background

  • A recent FDA-approval of Juvederm Voluma use for the chin is the first time filler has been approved to be used on the face outside of cheek and lip areas. Chin enhancement using filler has been a popular treatment for years - and Voluma continues to be our go-to choice for this area. 
  • Clinical trials are being done to ensure FDA approval for filler use on areas of the face such as the temples, the hollows below the eyes, and the jawline. While this is a very common off-label use, FDA approval allows for these companies to market it to patients. 
  • The use of masks has made the demand for under-eye filler increase. People want their eyes to be a focal point and desire lower eyelid rejuvenation without the need for surgery. We love this quick treatment that can make a major difference in how refreshed you look. Check out our before and afters here. 
  • A cleaner and purer family of fillers is being introduced to the United States. These volume enhancers have been available by Revanance in Europe for years. These fillers are called RHA 2, RHA 3, and RHA 4.  Stay tuned for updates on this! 
  • Restylane Kysse is a new filler that was recently approved for lips that doctors agree offers less swelling of the lips and gives a more pillowy feel. In fact, in a “Kissability Study” conducted by parent company Galderma, the majority of patients’ partners reported a more kissable or natural feel. This filler has quickly become a favorite of our injectors and clients. Check out our Instagram for before and afters. 
  • Long-lasting fillers, such as Radiesse and Sculptra Aesthetic, are more commonly being injected in innovative ways. Radiesse is being used to correct cellulite laxity and Sculptra Aesthetic is frequently being used to manage sun damage and skin texture. 
  • The “microdroplet technique” is a new trend that can improve fine lines on the weakest areas of the face. This is done by injecting a thin dose of hyaluronic acid filler in different patterns of microdroplets under the skin. Doctors suggest that we will see overall improvement of skin quality with this technique. 

Ready to give filler a try? Schedule your appointment today and our injectors will help you decide which filler is best to achieve your goals.

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Questions You Should Ask Your Cosmetic Surgeon

Posted by Silk Touch Medical Aesthetics on Jul 25, 2018 11:17:01 AM


When it comes to medical aesthetic treatments - you have a lot of options and it can be overwhelming to decide who to choose for a cosmetic procedure. And when it comes to your face & body - its important to go with someone who is an expert, has high safety standards and is someone that can give you amazing results with realistic exceptions.

Many of the questions patients are advised to ask when vetting a cosmetic surgeon are the same as those they're advice to ask of any doctor or surgeon.

Here are 10 questions you should ask your cosmetic surgeon:

  1. Do you have experience in the procedure I'm considering? How much?
  2. How did you train in the procedure?
  3. How many of this particular procedure have you done?
  4. Can I talk to some of your former patients?
  5. Are you before and after photos your real work?
  6. Are you an accredited medical facility?
  7. What happens if there are complications?
  8. Who is a candidate for this procedure?
  9. What type of anesthesia will I get, if I need any? Are you licensed to administer anesthesia?
  10. What will my recovery be like? Do you have me come in for follow up visits?


The Silk Touch Experience

At Silk Touch Med Spa Laser & Lipo Center of Boise, we encourage you during your initial consultation to ask as many questions as you want! We are happy to talk about our different providers extensive experience with each treatment we offer. We only share our own before & after pictures and are always happy to share testimonials from other patients. You can also read any of the 900+ 5 star reviews we have on our Demandforce Page here.

At Silk Touch, you can feel rest assured you are in the hands of experts. We are the only IMQ accredited medical spa in Idaho - which sets puts our safety and quality standards as one of the highest in the Treasure Valley.

Ready to get started? Request your consultation online or give us a call at 208-939-3110 to schedule.

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