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What Are The Risks Of Microdermabrasion?

Posted by Silk Touch Medical Aesthetics on Oct 13, 2022 12:37:58 PM


Untitled (Facebook Cover)

You’ve probably heard that microdermabrasions are ripe with benefits like brighter complexion, reduced appearance of fine lines and dark spots, even skin tone, and reduced pore size. But what are the risks to this noninvasive cosmetic procedure? 

Microdermabrasion treatments remove the thicker outer layer of the skin through the use of a minimally abrasive sanding instrument leading to skin rejuvenation. For a few days after this exfoliating treatment, a person may notice minor side effects to the skin such as swelling, redness, or sensitivity to sunlight. Risk of complications increases for anyone with keloids (thickened scars), those who have taken acne medication within the past 6 months, people who are susceptible to cold sores, or those who scar easily.

These risks can be reduced by wearing sunscreen and hydrating lotions post-treatment. We also encourage patients not to wear makeup after their microdermabrasion for the remainder of the day, as most makeup becomes unsterile after first use, and the skin is more vulnerable to impurities after treatment.  

Overall, a microdermabrasion has minimal risks and is a safe and effective treatment for all skin types. It's time to give your skin the refresh it deserves! This month get a microdermabrasion or dermaplane treatment with your choice of mask add on for $115. To claim your special and schedule an appointment visit us online or call us at 208-939-3110.


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Lip Filler Roundup

Posted by Silk Touch Medical Aesthetics on Sep 29, 2022 12:00:00 AM

It's time for another before and after picture roundup! Lip filler is a popular lip enhancement treatment at Silk Touch and our patients have had amazing results. Often, individuals who have thin, under-defined lips, or lip lines due to aging turn to filler to help them achieve a fuller, more natural look. We use dermal fillers such as Juvederm, KYSSE or Restylane to accomplish this. This treatment uses a fine needle, or cannula, to inject the filler into the lips or along the natural lip line. Multiple injections may be needed to shape the lips and help you achieve the plumper, natural look you are after. The treatment is quick and results are almost immediate! Check out some of our favorite lip filler transformations by Travis Blaser RN below.











If you are interested in lip filler at Silk Touch Cosmetic Surgery, Liposuction and Medspa call us at 208-939-3110 to or visit us online to schedule an appointment. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @silktouchboise and Travis Blaser RN at @tblaser.silktouch to keep up with all our recent lip filler transformations!

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Fuller Facial Hair With The FUE Method

Posted by Silk Touch Medical Aesthetics on Sep 15, 2022 12:00:00 AM

Neograft blog photo

For patients who experience thinning or hair loss, NeoGraft can be a great solution. But, you may be surprised to learn that NeoGraft Hair Transplant can be done for facial hair as well.

The amount of facial hair a man has comes down to genetics. Sparse, or patchy facial hair is a common occurrence for many men and can often affect their self-confidence. The solution for these men in the past has typically been shaving, but with NeoGraft there is another option.

Facial NeoGraft is performed like the typical NeoGraft Hair Transplant Procedure. We use the FUE Method which uses an automated hair transplantation device to take Individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp in groupings of 1-4 hairs, and then transplants them to the desired area. Typical facial treatment areas consist of the chin, neck, cheeks, and upper lip.

Healing and recovery from facial NeoGraft are similar to other NeoGraft procedures. Following your treatment you can expect thicker, fuller looking facial hair that grows like normal facial hair, and can be trimmed, shaped, and grown to any desired length.

Sparse, thinning, or patchy facial hair is a thing of the past with NeoGraft Hair Transplant at Silk Touch Cosmetic Surgery, Lipo & Medspa. If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, give us a call at 208-939-3110 or fill out our contact form on our website to schedule your consultation!


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The Perfect Product For a Skin Refresh

Posted by Silk Touch Medical Aesthetics on Aug 18, 2022 12:00:00 AM

Blog Graphic - mini peel pads

Did you know that here at Silk Touch Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa we have our very own medical-grade skin care line? Our products are specifically designed with our patients in mind. This month, we are offering 15% off of our SilkTouch Rx Mini Peel Pads. These pads are perfect for giving your skin a weekly refresh!

This product helps with:
  • Killing acne causing bacteria
  • Minimizing pore size
  • Improving texture
  • Exfoliating the skin

How To Use:

  • Apply to clean skin
  • Leave on for 15-30 minutes
  • Wash off with gentle cleanser
  • Follow with nightly routine

*Use one pad once a week for best results.

Why Use Medical-Grade Skincare?

Medical-grade skincare products may not be as inexpensive or as easily accessible as skincare products offered in drugstores, but the benefits are worth it! These products contain purer and more effective ingredients, are a higher quality and help target specific medical skin care needs such as acne, fine lines or wrinkles. 

To claim your special and try out our Mini Peel Pads, give us a call at 208-939-3110 or fill out the form here. We also recommend scheduling a VISIA Skin Analysis with one of our medical aestheticians so they can help create a skincare regimen that is personalized for you. 


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Why Everyone Is Talking About PRP

Posted by Silk Touch Medical Aesthetics on Aug 4, 2022 12:00:00 AM

Website Specials Aug-2

PRP is the latest buzzworthy beauty treatment - and it's all over social media. The Kardashian's love it, Angelina Jolie can't stop talking about it and bloggers everywhere are singing its praises. So what's the big deal?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, and when it comes to anti-aging benefits, you can think of it as liquid gold. Like many aesthetic treatments, PRP was first used in the medical community where its benefits were initially found during wound healing and orthopedic research.

The treatment involves a technician drawing about 10mL of blood, centrifuging it to concentrate the plasma (the pale-yellow liquid component of blood that normally holds the blood cells in suspension) from the red blood cells themselves, and then the platelet rich portion of the plasma is collected and injected into the treatment area. 

The PRP jumpstarts your body’s healing mechanisms to stimulate natural healing and recovery. Since this is your body’s own substance there is little chance for an allergic or sensitivity reaction. 

PRP can be used in several ways, but one of our favorites is in combination with NeoGraft Hair Restoration surgery. PRP is injected into the scalp to help thicken hair and enhance the hair’s natural growth process. At Silk Touch Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa we soak all grafts in PRP during the NeoGraft treatment to further boost the healing process.

Are you ready to see if PRP is the right treatment for you? For the month of August, get a complimentary PRP treatment when you book a NeoGraft procedure. Give us a call at 208-939-3110 or visit us online to schedule your consultation today!

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Cosmetic Surgery Vs. Plastic Surgery: What's The Difference

Posted by Silk Touch Medical Aesthetics on Feb 11, 2021 1:12:00 PM

If you missed our previous announcement, we at Silk Touch are excited to welcome Dr. Jason Nealy to our team! Dr. Nealy is a triple board certified cosmetic surgeon who is joining us from the Seattle area. Dr. Nealy is leading our new cosmetic surgery expansion, and will be offering procedures like breast implants, tummy tucks and mommy makeovers. So what is cosmetic surgery exactly? The term cosmetic surgery is often confused for plastic surgery, but in fact they are very different things. 


Cosmetic surgery is focused on enhancing the beauty of the body through surgical procedures. This type of surgery is based on aesthetic appeal. Cosmetic surgery services include:


  • Breast Enhancement
  • Facial Contouring
  • Cosmetic Rhinoplasty
  • Fat Transfer
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Body Contouring
  • Skin Rejuvenation


Plastic surgery, on the other hand, is focused on the surgical reconstruction of defects to the face and body. These defects can be due to things such as body disorders, disease, trama, and burns. Examples of plastic surgery include:


  • Breast reconstruction
  • Burn Repair Surgery
  • Congenital Defect Repair
  • Lower Extremity Reconstruction
  • Hand Surgery
  • Scar Revision Surgery


Board certified plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons have similar paths for schooling, but cosmetic surgeons gain far more additional training, knowledge and experience before becoming board certified due to them being required to complete a post-fellowship training program after their initial residency.


When choosing a surgeon, it is important to research and keep in mind a doctor’s training and education. As a triple board certified cosmetic surgeon there is no doubt that Dr. Nealy knows his stuff! Don’t miss out on getting on our schedule for one of the many new cosmetic surgical procedures we are offering with Dr. Nealy. Book a consultation today!

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Exciting Filler Updates in 2021

Posted by Silk Touch Medical Aesthetics on Feb 4, 2021 12:22:32 PM

Filler continues to be not only a popular treatment at Silk Touch, but one of the most popular treatments worldwide. With the increase in demand of this treatment, improvements are being made every year to make filler longer lasting, and approved for use in more areas. New improvements in filler include:

Woman getting a face lift with Botox - isolated over a white background

  • A recent FDA-approval of Juvederm Voluma use for the chin is the first time filler has been approved to be used on the face outside of cheek and lip areas. Chin enhancement using filler has been a popular treatment for years - and Voluma continues to be our go-to choice for this area. 
  • Clinical trials are being done to ensure FDA approval for filler use on areas of the face such as the temples, the hollows below the eyes, and the jawline. While this is a very common off-label use, FDA approval allows for these companies to market it to patients. 
  • The use of masks has made the demand for under-eye filler increase. People want their eyes to be a focal point and desire lower eyelid rejuvenation without the need for surgery. We love this quick treatment that can make a major difference in how refreshed you look. Check out our before and afters here. 
  • A cleaner and purer family of fillers is being introduced to the United States. These volume enhancers have been available by Revanance in Europe for years. These fillers are called RHA 2, RHA 3, and RHA 4.  Stay tuned for updates on this! 
  • Restylane Kysse is a new filler that was recently approved for lips that doctors agree offers less swelling of the lips and gives a more pillowy feel. In fact, in a “Kissability Study” conducted by parent company Galderma, the majority of patients’ partners reported a more kissable or natural feel. This filler has quickly become a favorite of our injectors and clients. Check out our Instagram for before and afters. 
  • Long-lasting fillers, such as Radiesse and Sculptra Aesthetic, are more commonly being injected in innovative ways. Radiesse is being used to correct cellulite laxity and Sculptra Aesthetic is frequently being used to manage sun damage and skin texture. 
  • The “microdroplet technique” is a new trend that can improve fine lines on the weakest areas of the face. This is done by injecting a thin dose of hyaluronic acid filler in different patterns of microdroplets under the skin. Doctors suggest that we will see overall improvement of skin quality with this technique. 

Ready to give filler a try? Schedule your appointment today and our injectors will help you decide which filler is best to achieve your goals.

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Everything You Need To Know about Facial Fat Transfer

Posted by Silk Touch Medical Aesthetics on Feb 4, 2021 12:04:27 PM

What is Facial Fat Transfer?

Did you know that fat transfer can be done on your face? You may associate fat transfer with breasts or butts (BBLs), but facial fat transfer can actually be quite effective and have long lasting results.

The fat transfer procedure, also known as fat grafting, is done by collecting fat from one area of the body through liposuction. The fat is then prepared for injection and transferred to another area, such as the face. Facial fat transfer is commonly used as filler for sunken areas of the face, facial creases, acne scars and the lips.

In order to qualify for facial fat transfer, patients must have an adequate amount of fat to harvest. Fat is removed from areas of the body such as the stomach, hips, and thighs. Fat transfer is always paired with a liposuction procedure.

This procedure not only gives a natural, fuller look to the face, but the results are also long lasting. A small portion of the transferred fat may be absorbed in the body over a period of time, but ultimately the initial look remains the same. 

Not a candidate for fat transfer? Not a problem, our expert injectors can achieve the same results using facial fillers like Juvederm Voluma or long lasting collagen stimulating fillers like Sculptra.

Often times, fat transfer is paired with facial fillers for optimal results. 

To learn more and see if you qualify for fat transfer, book a complimentary consultation today!

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Say Goodbye to Mask Acne With Chemical Peels

Posted by Silk Touch Medical Aesthetics on Feb 4, 2021 12:00:00 AM

Has your skin been suffering lately due to increased mask wearing? Wearing masks during this pandemic is important to do our part, but that doesn’t mean your skin should suffer. Many have found frequently wearing a mask has caused unwanted acnealso known as, “maskne.” We here at Silk Touch have just the solution for you!


Chemical peels, like our glycolic acid peel, work by exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin cells and deep cleaning your pores. Not only does this peel help reduce the formation of acne, but it can also improve your skin’s texture, leaving you with more refreshed, glowing skin. In addition to helping treat acne, depending on the type of chemical peel, peels can also address anti-aging concerns and irregular pigmentation. At Silk Touch we offer a large selection of chemical peel solutions in a variety of strengths that can be customized to treat your skin type and specific skin concerns. 

Chemical Peels types we offer:

  • Glycolic Acid
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Lactic Acid
  • Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA)
  • Variety of Epionce Peels

Before you turn to medication to fight off your maskne, give chemical peels a try! Book a complimentary Visia Skin Care Analysis with one of our skilled medical aestheticians to find out what peel is right for you. 

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Welcome, Dr. Jason Nealy

Posted by Silk Touch Medical Aesthetics on Dec 17, 2020 2:28:44 PM

Welcome, Dr. Jason Nealy!

We have been keeping two big secrets under wraps for Christmas…..and we are so excited to finally get to share them with you!

First, we are pleased to announce a new member to the Silk Touch team.  Dr. Jason Nealy, a triple board certified Cosmetic Surgeon will be joining our practice in January 2021, He has been practicing in the Seattle area, but is excited to move his family to Boise where he can share and enjoy some of his outdoor interests and talents.

Dr. Nealy has extensive experience in a wide range of cosmetic surgical procedures such as:

Breast Augmentation (implants)

Breast Lifts & Reductions

Tummy Tucks

Eyelid Lifts

Fat Transfer

Butt & Thigh Lifts

Face & Neck Lifts

Mommy Makeovers

Announcement #2!  

You may have already noticed some construction going on in our facility.  We are remodeling in order to add two new state-of-the-art surgical suites, capable of accommodating all the NEW Cosmetic procedures Dr. Nealy is bringing to our Silk Touch clientele. 

When Can I Schedule a Procedure with Dr. Nealy?  

Starting January 18--Dr. Nealy will begin scheduling liposuction cases in addition to Dr. Kerr.  Dr. Kerr will appreciate the help since he is booked out 2-3 months in advance. Also starting in January, Dr. Nealy will be accepting patients for eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty), mini tummy tucks & fat transfers as well. 

If you are interested in scheduling one of these procedures in January with Dr. Nealy, please call to set up a complimentary consultation with Briana, our Patient Educator.  REQUEST A CONSULTATION ONLINE HERE.

When Can I schedule one of Dr. Nealy’s NEW surgical procedures? (like breast augmentation or tummy tucks?) 

Jan. 18 -  CONSULTATIONS will be available for ALL SURGICAL PROCEDURES provided by Dr. Nealy. 

Liposuction, Eyelid lifts, Mini tummy tucks & fat transfers cases will be scheduled.

April 1 -  SURGICAL PROCEDURES (requiring anesthesia) will be scheduled.

If our remodeling is completed earlier than April 1, we will move our scheduled surgeries up.  We will make that announcement as soon as we know completion dates! If you are planning on scheduling a surgical procedure this spring, we encourage you to book your consultation early to reserve your spot.

Request a Consultation


We are so thrilled to share our exciting news at Christmas!  What a gift to us all.   Dr. Nealy brings his talent and artistry to Boise and we are confident that you will fall in love with him as we have. His gifts will allow us to  better assist you in meeting your aesthetic goals, no matter how big or small.  Merry Christmas!  

Dr. Kerr,  Susie & The Silk Touch Team


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